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Submission + - The How and Why of BlackBerry's Collapse (

CowboyRobot writes: The company once stood at the top of the market. Tens of millions of professionals carried their devices, which were the envy of the office and the industry. But then Blackberry made a few key missteps and just this week announced that it is exploring strategic options, including an outright sale of the company to investors or other third parties. BlackBerry is close to the end of the road and desperately seeking an escape route. What the heck happened? For starters, they were wrong to ignore the significance of the iPhone when it was launched, while also spending too many resources on their Playbook tablet which was too little too late, completely overshadowed by the iPad. Additionally, Blackberry was too slow to see the risks involved with BYOD, and then delaying Blackberry 10 as long as they did was the final nail.
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The How and Why of BlackBerry's Collapse

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