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Submission + - Mauritanian Cracker scoops up 15,000 Twitter logins (elpais.com)

BigVig209 writes: Spanish newspaper, El Pais, http://tecnologia.elpais.com/tecnologia/2013/08/20/actualidad/1377011520_379395.html (original in Spanish), is reporting that someone hacked into Twitter and stole the user credentials for over 15,000 users. Quoting a story on GigaOm, http://gigaom.com/2013/08/20/islamist-hacker-publishes-access-details-for-thousands-of-twitter-accounts/, the attack may have been made through a third-party application. According to the story in El Pais, the majority of exposed accounts are from users in Turkey.
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Mauritanian Cracker scoops up 15,000 Twitter logins

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