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Submission + - Alien Head, Rumored Extraterrestrial Remains Found By Croatian Mayor [PHOTO] (

Rebecka writes: Workers digging to expand a graveyard in Croatia were shocked to find not human remains, but remains that are rumored to have belonged to an extraterrestrial being. Mayor of the northern region of Medjimurje, where the discovery occurred, told the Croatian newspaper 24 Sata that workers were terrified after locating the alleged alien head which was reportedly located roughly three feet below ground.

The head, along with a second section of the rumored alien remains which is being described as heart-like, is currently being kept safe at their town hall while awaiting an examination from scientists. The remains have also been described as being made out of a soft rubber-like substance and the head sporting a “bead-like-mouth.”

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Alien Head, Rumored Extraterrestrial Remains Found By Croatian Mayor [PHOTO]

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