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Submission + - Groklaw Closes Over Email Security Fears ( 3

judgecorp writes: Groklaw, the blog that covered patent law for the open source community has closed over fears of email interception by the US government. Pamela Jones, who has won awards from the Electronic Frontier Federation and others for Groklaw, says, for her "the Internet is over". The site relies on private email communication, which she says is now impossible
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Groklaw Closes Over Email Security Fears

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    • yes, if you read her final article she talks about how encrypted emails are stored for years when the algorithms can be broken.

      People are finally waking up to how their "democracy" really works, there is the sham of elections and rights and rule of law but the truth is that power and money grubbing scum are serving different masters than the people, they are in the pockets of elite corporate and dynastic family interests.

  • Pj, your US government is and has been evil, violating your privacy and rights, and those of others, your whole life and before you were born. We could talk about Japanese-Americn natural born citizens being put in concentration camps during WW II, or wiretaps and assasinations during the Civil Rights movement or Viet Nam war, but maybe most people think of that stuff as "ancient history" now.

    Curious how many other slashdotters are shocked or surprised by the exposures of government wrongdoing in the last

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