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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: An Easy Way To Download Android APK Files To A Desktop PC? 3

dryriver writes: There is an Offline version of Wikipedia for Android devices called "Wiki Encyclopedia Offline-Free" (URL: It promises to place roughly 2 million pages worth of Wikipedia in the palm of your hand, on your Android phone, for offline use. The downside of it? At 3.6 Gb size, it is way too large to download to a phone over 3G. It could take days for that download to finish. So.. big deal, right? Just download the 3.6 gig Android APK file onto a desktop PC over trusty ADSL, and sideload it onto the Android phone over USB cable, right? Except that you can't. Google store refuses to let you download an Android app to a desktop PC. There is a Chrome Browser Extension that, supposedly, can get around this limitation. But Google is blocking that too — Chrome won't even let you install the extension. Other methods I have Googled failed to download any APK files from the Google Store. So I am asking you, my dear Slashdotters: How the hell do you download an APK file from Google Play Store to a (Windows) PC? This is such an obvious thing to do, but Google, apparently, is going out of its way to block this, for business reasons I guess? Any help with this would be most welcome!
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Ask Slashdot: An Easy Way To Download Android APK Files To A Desktop PC?

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  • Why would you download it over 3G instead of over wireless to your phone? If that's not doable there are torrents of site rips of wikipedia.
    • by rwa2 ( 4391 ) *

      Does your phone not have wifi?

      There are plenty of "alternative market" sites other than Google Play that let you download .apk files through normal http. Unfortunately, a lot of them are Chinese malware sites. Hence most software publishers just release through the Play store.

      You might also try the Amazon App Store []
      But that does the same kind of thing as Google Play, where you have to download it to the device rather than to an SD card or something firs

  • This has been my favourite offline wikipedia app for a long time: []

    The app is a small apk, and then you can download the wiki databases to an SD card.

    Of course, that means it's pretty old, and has some GUI glitches. Actually, crap... looks like [] is gone. So, uh, nevermind.

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