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Submission + - "Trusted" computing to contain key logger? 2 question at end.

charliemerritt writes: As I hear more about "Mystery Meat" trusted computing being installed, undocumented, no schematics, CLOSED everything — well I do not come close to trusting a software OFF switch. There are not enough Open Source Paranoids to get Open Everything Motherboards, I guess at least not at a price most of us can afford. With all the stories about the NSA running a parallel fibre system leading to Ft George Mead, or Utah — with all major carriers corrupted with FISA "say nothing" orders... HOW could I trust a "Trusted" computer. What do they snoop? Where is it sent? Where is that forwarded? — Well that last question I know, "To contact the NSA, just pick up the phone and start talking". Can "Wire Shark" (and friends) block, or flag trusted computing information?

Good Grief, I built an Altair 8800 — in those days peripheral boards came as "you solder the chips in and save $50" and a template driver was included, so that you could write your own, better one. These drivers were super well documented with references to test points on the board. Yes clock speeds were around 1-2 MegHz, with "wait states" included for stability — technology has passed out of the garage.

Mother COBOL (Grace Hopper) handed out Nano Seconds (one foot strings) at the start of a speech. Nano Second = Clock Speed of 1 GigHz. A 2 Gig Mobo has two clock ticks alive at one time — not to mention distance between pins — FAR beyond a guy/gal with a soldering iron, hemostat and jeweller's loop. So we must TRUST the magicians and their 4 layer Mobos. — HOW do we do that?

A key logger would be pure simplicity,
I hear about NSA Ordering (via FISA) the
keys, seeds, salt, and keystrokes of clients.
(Oh BTW, key loggers in anything you import or build)
Keystrokes should never go further than your box, damn it!

Can we form a TRUSTED COMPUTER (from a customer POV) certification .org?
Can we get a software suite that monitors our modem connection automatically, with alerts?
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"Trusted" computing to contain key logger? 2 question at end.

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