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Submission + - Danish politician Trine Bramsen bashes nerds 3

Hymer writes: Trine Bramsen of the danish Socialdemokratiet posted her opinion on nerds which can be cooked down to: "If nerds dropped their white socks and learned to speak so normal people can understand them then maybe we caffe latte drinking bimbos will be interested in them".
Trine posted this on one of the most nerdy sites in Denmark,, which is driven by the Danish Engineer Society (IDA) and counts people like PHK of FreeBSD/Varnish fame as members.
The story has now been mentioned on several Danish media and Trine got proper response from nerds of all sexes (and their spouses).
Trine is the draftsman on IT and telecommunications for her party, which makes the case rather surrealistic.

The link is of course in danish.
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Danish politician Trine Bramsen bashes nerds

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  • Please post an update on this, if Ms. Bramsen or the Social Democratic Party issues any statement about this.

    I'd be quite interested to see how they respond to this.

    • by Hymer ( 856453 )
      Ms. Bramsen has chosen only to communicate thru her Facebook account, she has written that is was just meant for fun. Someone from the IT community tried to invite her on a "business date" to his workplace so she could see all those white-socks wearing nerds but the reply was something like "I do not need to see, I've been in lot IT corporations due to my position as IT draftsman for my party".
      Social Democratic party has not yet commented, but one member of the party Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil has comment
    • by Hymer ( 856453 )
      Today ms. Bramsen is no longer the draftsman on IT and telecommunication, she has advanced to the next level of destruction and is now the draftsman on juridical issues.
      The new draftsman on IT and telecommunication is Karin Gaardsted a 58-year old teacher. Version2 asked her about white socks to which she responded that she do not have problem with white socks and she will seek expert advice.

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