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Submission + - Android Tablet Gives Rare Glimpse at North Korean Tech (

itwbennett writes: The Samjiyon tablet, the third tablet to go on sale in North Korea, comes with four bookmarks pre-installed, for the country's main news agency, its major daily newspaper, a portal run by the Korea Computer Center and state television. The first three have websites that are accessible on the global Internet, though the addresses stored on the Samjiyon are different, pointing to sites on the country's intranet. Despite the browser and bookmarks, however, the tourist who bought the tablet hasn't been able to get it online. Configuration files deep in the tablet suggest there is Wi-Fi hardware installed, but there's no apparent way to activate or control it. The hardware is either not present or has been configured to connect only to certain networks. But, hey, it's got Angry Birds.
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Android Tablet Gives Rare Glimpse at North Korean Tech

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