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Submission + - Hialeah Shooter Downloaded "Anarchist Cookbook" (miamiherald.com) 2

matria writes: Reports on the possible motivation of Pedro Vargas, who shot six people before being killed by police, appear to make much of his accessing the "Anarchist Cookbook". Even the name of the page of the article emphasizes this — "at-former-job-hialeah-gunman-downloaded.html"

...an investigation into Vargas prompted by his poor work performance found he had downloaded a slew of inappropriate files onto his office desktop, including a so-called “Anarchist Cookbook,” which includes instructions on making explosives at home, counterfeiting money and killing someone with your bare hands...

Of chief concern to Vargas’ supervisors was a file titled “1000 hacking tutorials,” which, according to the university, included an “Index to the Anarchist Cookbook IV, version 4.14.” The Anarchist Cookbook is a bomb-making manual first published in 1971 during the Vietnam War.

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Hialeah Shooter Downloaded "Anarchist Cookbook"

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    This book has always been disturbing to authorities. And for a good reason. What it's really about is freedom.

    For people in search of information on how to do bad things to others, the CIA and US Army manuals about unconventional warfare of that time is probably more relevant. However, you don't see those mentioned a lot in the popular press.

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