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An anonymous reader writes: "In a dramatic about-face on a key internet issue yesterday, Google told the FCC that the network neutrality rules Google once championed don’t give citizens the right to run servers on their home broadband connections, and that the Google Fiber network is perfectly within its rights to prohibit customers from attaching the legal devices of their choice to its network."
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Google now against Net Neutrality

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  • Google never argued in favor of letting folks run servers on residential access connections. That is and always was a harmful distortion of what network neutrality is about. Network neutrality means that if I buy a product with which it's reasonable for me to watch video then I can watch video from the supplier of my choice using the network protocol of my choice without any preference or suppression by you as an ISP.

    Had Google said, "You may only run Google product or Google-approved servers," they would

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      What Google I think argued was that all lawful devices shall not be blocked by network providers of 'the internet'. A server is a lawful device. Google is saying that you are not allowed to watch video from suppliers whose servers are connected to their edge of the internet.

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