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tfl writes: Microsoft is attempting to shut down their popular TechNet subscription service. The service provides for the download of just about every key product MIcrosoft makes, all for a reasonable annual fee. This software, which is NOT for use in production, is highly valuable to a range of IT Pros around the industry. The software allows you to build sample solutions and keep them running for a while (unlike the proposed replacement of evaluation software).

The cynical way the news was released is another slap in the face to the industry, An unsigned email was sent out, along with an anonymous blog post, announcing the closure in what is best described as polished PR-speak (no truth but lots of innuendo). It was released late on July 1st, just as key folks in Redmond are off for their 4th of July holidays, and just before key execs were out of the office attending WPC and MGX. There was an assumption that we'd just sit down and take it.

Several IT pros have say NO. We've setup a web blog; Http:// and are looking for support. So please come on over and comment on the blog.

We have also setup an online petition at Change.Org. The URL to the petition is:

PLEASE — sign the petition and ask Redmond to do the right thing

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Save Technet!

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