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Submission + - Remember the CS Past or Be Condemned to Repeat It? 1

theodp writes: In the movie Groundhog Day, a weatherman finds himself living the same day over and over again. It's a tale that software-designers-of-a-certain-age can relate to. Like Philip Greenspun, who wrote in 1999, "One of the most painful things in our culture is to watch other people repeat earlier mistakes. We're not fond of Bill Gates, but it still hurts to see Microsoft struggle with problems that IBM solved in the 1960s." Or Dave Winer, who recently observed, 'We marvel that the runtime environment of the web browser can do things that we had working 25 years ago on the Mac.' And then there's Scott Locklin, who argues in a new essay that one of the problems with modern computer technology is that programmers don’t learn from the great masters. "There is such a thing as a Beethoven or Mozart of software design," Locklin writes. "Modern programmers seem more familiar with Lady Gaga. It’s not just a matter of taste and an appreciation for genius. It’s a matter of forgetting important things." Hey, maybe it's hard to learn from computer history when people don't acknowledge the existence someone old enough to have lived it, as panelists reportedly did at an event held by Mark Zuckerberg's last Friday!
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Remember the CS Past or Be Condemned to Repeat It?

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