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Submission + - Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into IT Pricing Publishes Report 1

elphie007 writes: Fourteen months after the Australian Parliament announced an inquiry into the disparity between IT pricing for Australian consumers, the Committee's final report has been published. The report highlights the importance of IT in Australia, and that Australian consumers are frequently shafted in an uncomfortable manner when it comes to purchasing IT goods and services. With recommendations ranging from the removal of parallel importation restrictions to the possible banning of geo-blocking services, could this mean the end of US bound Adobe shopping trips and the beginning of pricing equality for Australian IT consumers? More reports/analysis is available here and here.
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Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into IT Pricing Publishes Report

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  • 'Australia Tax'? I think it's more like 'Rest of the World Tax'. Here in New Zealand our prices are generally bang on the aussie price, tax and exchange rate adjusted.

    The cost of our design workstations more than doubles once the software is installed, in no small part thanks to Adobe.

    'including reviewing vendors’ ability to “lock” digital content into a particular ecosystem.' - I can see this being interesting for Apple.

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