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Submission + - Fidus Writer: Open source collaborative editor for non-geek academics 2

johanneswilm writes: While writing my PhD in anthropology I found out it's almost impossible to get non-geeks to help me with editing my thesis because it was written in Latex. Lyx is almost there, but as it's not web based, it's difficult to use for online collaboration. is online, but typing LaTeX code is a no-go for non-geeks. Google Docs is web based and near-WYSIWYG, but lacks support for professional print formats such as Latex.
The PhD took longer than expected, so before finishing me and tree others were able to code an entirely new editor: Fidus Writer: web based, open source (AGPL), almost-WYSIWYG and with tools for academics such as citation management and formula support and output formats PDF, Epub, Latex, HTML.
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Fidus Writer: Open source collaborative editor for non-geek academics

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  • Maybe a nice enough project to warrant Slashdot's promotion, but the download site is not available. Not down (from Slashdot effect), but simply not there:

    ** server can't find NXDOMAIN

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