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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Hardware accelerated multi-monitor support in Linux

An anonymous reader writes: I'm an Engineer with a need for 3 large monitors on the one PC. I want to run them as "one big desktop" so I can drag windows around between all three monitors (Windows XP style).

I run Debian and an nVidia NVS450. Currently I have been able to do what I want by using Xinerama which is painfully slow (think 1990's), or using TwinView which is hardware accelerated but only supports 2 monitors.

I can live without 3D performance, but I need a hardware accelerated 2D desktop at the minimum.

What are my options? I will happily give up running X and run something else if I need to (although I would like to keep using Xfce — but am open to anything). I am getting so desperate that I am starting to think of running Windows on my box, but that would be painful in so many other ways given my work environment revolves around the Linux toolset.
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Ask Slashdot: Hardware accelerated multi-monitor support in Linux

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