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Submission + - NSA Still Funded to Spy On US Phone Records,Vote Fails 3

turp182 writes: The Amash Amendment (#100) to HR 2397 (DOD appropriations bill) failed to pass the House of Representatives (this link will change tomorrow, it is the current day activity of the House) at 6:54PM EST today, meaning it will not be added to the appropriations bill. The amendment would have specifically defunded the bulk collection of American phone records.

Roll call may not be available until tomorrow.

Subjective: Let freedom be reigned.
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NSA Still Funded to Spy On US Phone Records,Vote Fails

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  • Here's the list of congressmen to vote out []

  • I sent my house rep an e-mail regarding this matter. I received some BS canned response telling me how he was concerned about the governments ability to misuse the information. Checked the roll call and the son of a bitch voted yes to keep this shit up. I found out in his canned response that he is a member of "Homeland Security Committee’s Counter-terrorism and Intelligence Sub-committee. FML! All i have to say is, FUCK YOU CHRIS STEWART. Rep Utah

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