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Submission + - New Zealand Government About to Legalize Spying on NZ Citizens

Flere Imsaho writes: After admitting they have illegally spied on NZ citizens or residents 88 times since 2003, the government, in a stunning example of arse covering, is about to grant the GCSB the right to intercept the communications of New Zealanders in its role as the national cyber security agency, rather than examine the role the GCSB should play and then look at the laws. There has been strong criticism from many avenues
The bill is being opposed by Labor and the Greens,-greens-say-gcsb-bill-remains-flawed, but it looks like National now have the numbers to get this passed.

Of course, the front page story is all about the royal baby, with this huge erosion of privacy relegated to a small article near the bottom of the front page. Three cheers, the monarchy is secure, never mind the rights of the people. More bread and circuses anyone?
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New Zealand Government About to Legalize Spying on NZ Citizens

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