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Submission + - Google Ngram Viewer: Frequency Of Words And Phrases In Digitized Books (google.com) 1

dryriver writes: Google has put up a search tool that lets the user search for the frequency of a "word" or "phrase" in millions of books that have been digitized over the years — e.g. years 1800 to 2013. A search term that looks as follows: "Tesla, Edison, Einstein", for example, will draw a graph of how frequently Tesla, Edison and Einstein are mentioned in books in a given year. Of course one can also search for more generic words and phrases. One can, for example, search for "justice, law, right", to see a timeline of the years in which these terms peaked or fell. Google's new search tool is interesting, because it gives immediate visual feedback on when, in the last 200 years, a given word or phrase was popular with writers and publishers. It is a bit like Google's Zeitgeist, only that it extends far into the past — before computers and the Internet were invented, and when the printed word was very much king of the hill when it came to storing and transmitting information.
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Google Ngram Viewer: Frequency Of Words And Phrases In Digitized Books

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  • Try as word strings
    GCHQ 1978 to a max in 1987?
    National Security Agency 1948, some 1985 jump then 1995 its up again.
    Central Intelligence Agency 1942, 1967, 1984, down after 1992?
    Defense Intelligence Agency interesting 1942 to 1952 numbers, tops 1989?
    National Reconnaissance Office (formed 1961) 1970 ramps up to 2002
    Department of Homeland Security 1958? then 1975-1983 hump, picks up 1998
    Joint Special Operations Command (formed 1980) 1976 drops in 1998?
    waterboarding 1975-1983 then after 2002

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