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Submission + - Leap Motion - Big Brother? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I just recieved my new Leap Motion device in the mail — a device I have been waiting for since I pre-ordered in February of 2012. About 5 seconds after opening the box I begin to get the sneaking suspision that this was not going to be the experience I had hoped for.

First, the device doesn't work yet. Apparently, the hardware has to be 'activated' before it will function. Yes, essentially the Leap Motion has hardware DRM. The activation page won't be up for a few more days, so I can't even use the device right now... but that is not what I am worried about.

My concern began to grow when I attempted to find information about that this 'activation' process entailed on LeapMotion's site. To put it short, I could not find any, but I did find a very scary privacy policy at (that was not available when I preordered the product a year and a half ago).

To quote a few lines.

"Leap Motion Controller and Software. We collect information when you use the Leap Motion Controller (or a Leap Motion-authorized embedded optical module) and our software that works with it. When you use your device while your computer is connected to the internet, we collect the device ID of your controller or module, IP address, software version, operating system and hardware configuration. We also collect performance data such as frequency and duration of use, tracking performance, environmental conditions, distances of tracked objects from the device, and other performance data. We also collect technical error data such as the presence of smudges, calibration or synchronization errors or states, or other software or hardware errors or states. This information is tied to your device ID. In order to best provide products and services to you we associate your device IDs to your Leap Motion Account."

Leap Motion is watching EVERYTHING you do when using their device. How is this acceptable? Needless to say, I will be contacting LeapMotion for a refund.
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Leap Motion - Big Brother?

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