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Submission + - Colorado town considering $25 licenses to hunt drones (

colinneagle writes: A resident in the small town of Deer Trail, Colorado, recently proposed a townwide ordinance that would offer $25 licenses to hunt and shoot down drones. Announcing bluntly that "we do not want drones in this town," Deer Trail resident Phillip Steel says that, although he has never seen a drone flying in the town, if "they fly in town, they get shot down."

The proposed ordinance mandates a $25 fee for drone hunting licenses in the town and sets specific "rules of engagement" for hunting the aerial robots. However, drone hunters in Deer Trail stand to earn a $100 reward for a successfully destroyed drone, the ordinance suggests. So far, Steel's proposal has earned support from local government leaders. "Even if a tiny percentage of people get online (for a) drone license, that's cool," said David Boyd, a board member in Deer Trail, according to ABC7. "That's a lot of money to a small town like us. Could be known for it as well, which probably might be a mixed blessing, but what the heck."

The town clerk mentioned holding a town-run drone hunt, "a skeet, fun-filled festival."

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Colorado town considering $25 licenses to hunt drones

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