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Submission + - Nametag is Secure Programmable Social Media; no more data-mining you. (indiegogo.com)

TheCouchPotatoFamine writes: A new technology from DOM Algebra called "Nametag" has turned the concept of client-server applications distributed via HTML on it's head, providing an enduring basis to create secure social media apps, right in the browser itself, without ever trusting the service provider.

The recent NSA debacles have made for a good segueway into the need for privacy, even though Nametag was envisioned nearly two years ago. It is powered by high-quality RSA/AES encryption, written pure Javascript, and integrated with a new state-of-the-art HTML5 Environment called "TagOS" to form the worlds first "Social Computer" (please view the demo in Google Chrome, or Apple's Safari. The core tech is complete while a few CSS issues are not.)

The result? It transforms your web-browser from an over-abused public "billboard" into a "safe-house" that normal people can use, complete with the familiar feed- friend- and group-based interfaces they expect from HTML5/CSS3 powered sites. Developers can go farther, creating and exporting any of those apps into their own sites, all without sharing anything with your service provider; it's that powerful. Finally, it already has two social media apps ready to go, to get people started.

The IndieGoGo campaign is the first public unveiling. From web hosting, to hiring designers, it will take resources I no longer have; my savings bought full-time research to create the kernel, if you will. In fact, the demo itself is just "frozen" from the actual working version I use everyday! With your help, a world where you can speak honestly and openly with your friends and family is possible; Is it important to you? I hope the community backs the idea; this is how it will be done.

With so much self-censorship and risk attached to the daily use of traditonal, insecure personal social media, how long will we allow it to continue?

Disclaimer: i'm the author of TagOS

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Nametag is Secure Programmable Social Media; no more data-mining you.

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