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colinneagle writes: Microsoft makes some good points in its business pitch for the Xbox One, most notably that, at $499, it would be a pretty easy expense write-off. But The Xbox One will also offer Skype, SkyDrive, IE and Office and Wi-Fi Direct, plus you can write your own apps for it. Since the Xbox One is powered by an x86 chip courtesy of AMD, most PC developers should not be overly challenged in writing custom apps. The Kinect One audio/video detector will be the real selling point here, as it is much more advanced than any Webcam, with wide-angle 1080p motion detection that can be operated by voice and gestures. Wi-Fi Direct will allow owners of Xbox One to send presentations from a tablet or notebook to the console for display on the TV, and you can use the Smart Glass controller to navigate through the PowerPoint presentation or use a tablet to control Internet Explorer.

And that's all out of the box. Since Xbox One will support third-party applications, you can build all kinds of custom business tools that utilize the hardware, including Kinect, and software.

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Why the Xbox One could be a hit with businesses

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