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Submission + - Microsoft and Blackberry cut Surface and Z10 prices ( 1

another random user writes: Microsoft and Blackberry have both cut prices on their products in a bid to boost sales.

Microsoft dropped the price of the 32GB Surface RT to £279 from £400 in the UK, with the 64GB model's price down by the same amount to £359 (In the US, the cheapest Surface tablet went down to $349 from $499)

And in the US, Blackberry has cut the price of the Z10 phone to as low as $49 with a contract — down from $199 four months ago.

"It's a big deal for both companies," Tony Cripps, a telecoms analyst at Ovum, told the BBC. "Competing with the Apples and Samsungs of this world is tough, and it's a difficult climate to put out high-end products when the market is so dominated by a couple of players."

Recent figures from analysts IDC show that 49.2 million tablets shipped in January, February and March — and about 900,000 of those were Surfaces.

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Microsoft and Blackberry cut Surface and Z10 prices

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  • If the price of Surface tablets drop to zero dollars I may pick some up to be used as digital picture frames as Christmas gifts... bit of glue and hooks good and younare good to go.

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