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Esther Schindler writes: Hiring remote workers can be tricky business. If you're on the interviewing side of the desk, or expect to be a colleague of someone who will be working remotely, these are the questions you should ask, such as "Tell me about your (home) work environment." And red flags to look for in the answers of the would-be telecommuting employee.

There's also a bit of general advice about what to look for in the telecommuting portion of the interview. For one: Ask what you want to know, not the side effects. A recruiter asked if the candidate was married, which raises legal flags.

“He was astonished and baffled: ‘But the person in this position will have to travel constantly! How do I find out if they're able to do so?’” he asked. Katie suggested that instead, the recruiter ask, “The person in this position will be traveling constantly. Would you have any problem with that?” The recruiter was astonished by the idea that he should simply ask what he needed to know rather than casting the issue in terms of marital status, as if that were the only reason one would not be able to travel constantly.

Extra bonus: Cat photos! Because what telecommuting story would be complete without pictures of the author's cats? (And since they are mine, you know they're wonderful.)

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Hiring telecommuters: 7 questions you should ask

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