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Submission + - Ballmer: Microsoft Has 1 Million Servers (datacenterknowledge.com)

1sockchuck writes: Microsoft now has more than 1 million servers in its data centers, CEO Steve Ballmer said at last week’s Worldwide Partner Conference. In his keynote, Ballmer handicapped the size of the server platforms for the world’s leading cloud computing providers, saying Microsoft was second-largest behind Google (which reportedly had 900,000 servers back in 2011). Why is Ballmer talking about server counts? "I claim there really are almost no companies in the world, just a handful, that are really investing in scaled public cloud infrastructure," he said. "(Cloud) puts a lot of pressure on us to make sure that we have world-class infrastructure across the world ... And we are investing in that infrastructure." Many cloud players still don't disclose server counts. Here's a list of those who do.
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Ballmer: Microsoft Has 1 Million Servers

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