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Submission + - Samsung Launch Biggest Smartphone at 6.3 inches (

jarold writes: Is bigger better?

To expand its market reach, Samsung launched two extra large devices, 6.3 inch LTE ready and 5.8 inch version – the biggest thus far. Branded as Galaxy Mega, one would struggle to fit in pocket or use it with just one hand. The good thing, it is only 8mm thin and weigh under 200 grams. More portable than a tablet it comes with polycarbonate body which is durable. Unlike most of Samsung’s latest smartphones, it does not have super AMOLED panel. Instead, it has HD super clear LCD display which is bright enough to please most users. It features split screen and multitasking between video and other apps. It also has the newest version of TouchWiz where you can have smooth experience and speed as Galaxy S4.

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Samsung Launch Biggest Smartphone at 6.3 inches

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