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CowboyRobot writes: When requirements are tight and unforgiving, it's sometimes easier to design your own protocol. The article describes the design considerations for a basic network architecture that could be used as a starting point for a simplified personal area network. This particular network consists of low-power nodes that capture physiological data from sensors and condition it before sending it to a central node for processing. The design considerations include: Does each node need to communicate outside of the closed system? What happens if the communication link for a node is down? Is it catastrophic if a single data sample is lost? Does the data reception need to be acknowledged by the receiver?
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Designing a Network Protocol

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  • If you're actually capable of creating a new network protocol, you never need to ask whether or not you should, you'll already know when to do it.

    And consequently, if you ever need to ask if you should create a new network protocol, the answer is invariably NO.

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