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Submission + - Masao Yoshida, director of Daichii Fukushima nuclear plant, has died. ( 1

Doofus writes: Masao Yoshida, director of the Daichii Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, has passed away. Colleagues and politicos in Japan praised his disobedience during the post-tsunami meltdown and credited him with preventing much more widespread and intense damage.

On March 12, a day after the tsunami, Mr. Yoshida ignored an order from Tepco headquarters to stop pumping seawater into a reactor to try and cool it because of concerns that ocean water would corrode the equipment.

Tepco initially said it would penalize Mr. Yoshida even though Sakae Muto, then a vice president at the utility, said it was a technically appropriate decision. Mr. Yoshida received no more than a verbal reprimand after then-Prime Minister Naoto Kan defended the plant chief, the Yomiuri newspaper reported.

“I bow in respect for his leadership and decision-making,” Kan said Tuesday in a message posted on his Twitter account.

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Masao Yoshida, director of Daichii Fukushima nuclear plant, has died.

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  • In a different article I read yesterday, it was pointed out that to get this particular cancer would have taken five years at the absolute minimum, and at least ten years on average. So there is no way this could have been due to the radiation leak. There was no indication as to whether he was a smoker, but I suspect that the Japanese love of cigarettes was likely to have caused his throat cancer.

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