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ertmania writes: CAPTHA was invented to prevent bots from adding URLs to their search engine, taking part in online polls, registering for free email accounts (which may then be used to send spam) and collecting email addresses and so on.
I can see a point in that.
Now a days everybody must have CAPTCHA to protect their website from being overtaken by robots? Your local Rabbit Welfare Association has CAPTCHA to prevent robots from signing up for the annual news letter.
Personal I find CAPTCHA annoying. When I, for the 20th time has been filling out some registration form and then guessed the obscured CAPTCHA image wrong, resulting in clearing the form, I get pissed.
It is often impossible to tell the difference between cC, wW, xX, yY and lI.
My point is: Don't use CAPTCHA unless it is necessary. Use some other kind of submission control or like in the rabbit case; don't use any.

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CAPTCHA - Are robots really a threath for your website?

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  • Most any web form can and will be abused by spamming robots, especially if they think it has something to do with email, news letters included. Often the robots will start attacking a form without a person looking at it to determine if it's actually useful to a spammer or not.

    I have no love for CAPTCHAs ether, and I've had to write them.

    • Completely true, there is just no way get around not having one especially if you are using open source apps like WordPress or Joomla and their accompanying plugins. I remember when I launched my site with Kunena forum for Joomla - in a matter of days there were hundreds of accounts created with names like "ASDHSGD123", etc and the board was flooded with advertisements. This dropped off a lot after adding recaptcha for registration, but still not completely until I added a spam filter... so there are either

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