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Submission + - Android fragmentation continues as Jelly Bean overtakes Gingerbread ( 1

hypnosec writes: Android’s Jelly Bean has finally managed to oust Gingerbread from its top position to become the most used version of Google’s mobile operating system while also highlighting another important fact that fragmentation in Android is here to stay. Android 4.x Jelly Bean now commands 37.9% market share when it comes to just Google’s OS followed by Gingerbread at 34.1% and Ice Cream Sandwich at 23.3% as the older versions make up less than 5% of Android market share. Out of the two versions of Jelly Bean – 4.1 and 4.2, the former commands 32.3% share as compared to just 5.6% of the latter.
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Android fragmentation continues as Jelly Bean overtakes Gingerbread

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  • So... Android's newest OS version is taking over in market share from it's older one? In other news: the sun rose again today. How is this evidence of fragmentation?

    AFAIK the fragmentation problem in Android comes from the different manufacturer brands which all do something just a little different (samsung, htc, etc), combined with a large assortment of different screen sizes and user interfaces.

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