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Submission + - US Spies have "Security Agreements" with foreign Telecoms (

McGruber writes: The Washington Post is reporting ( the existence of “Team Telecom", lawyers from the FBI and the departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security, who ensure that Global Crossing and other foreign-owned telecoms, quickly and confidentially fulfill the USA's surveillance requests.

Team Telecom leverages the authority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to approve cable licenses. In deals involving a foreign company, the FCC has held up approval for many months Team Telecom developed security agreements that went beyond what’s required by the laws governing electronic eavesdropping.

The security agreement for Global Crossing, whose fiber-optic network connected 27 nations and four continents, required the company to have a “Network Operations Center” on U.S. soil that could be visited by government officials with 30 minutes of warning. Surveillance requests, meanwhile, had to be handled by U.S. citizens screened by the government and sworn to secrecy — in many cases prohibiting information from being shared even with the company’s executives and directors.

A spokesman for Level 3 Communications declined to comment for the Washington Post's article.

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US Spies have "Security Agreements" with foreign Telecoms

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