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An anonymous reader writes: I have Ireland, all of Ireland summed up in a few snippets of tape recordings that have emerged, in which the top executives of a bank called Anglo Irish, whose frauds drove the Irish financial crisis, have finally been revealed--of course not by investigators for the government, who are busy not even knowing these tapes existed, supposedly, for four years, but because the media has finally started releasing these tapes.
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Irish Bankers caught on tape ..

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  • They didn't release the tapes because that would have killed Ireland's bailout by the EU, the IMF and the European Central Bank. Germany's government would have never been able to support the program, because the tapes were rather insulting and mocking towards the German folks who had to foot the bill.

    Even the usually polite and discrete German Chancellor was forced to condemn the tapes publicly at en EU summit, calling them, "contemptible". For the next couple of years, it won't be the right time to appr

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