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Submission + - FBI Says Encryption Is Blinding Them. Don't Believe Them, Says Silent Circle CEO (

chicksdaddy writes: U.S. government and law enforcement officials have warned that advances in the use of encryption threaten to blind them to evil doings, depriving them of tools like lawful wiretaps and surveillance. (

Don't believe them, says Silent Circle CEO Mike Janke. Speaking with The Security Ledger, Janke (a former Navy Seal and sniper) said that warnings about the wide use of encryption hampering law enforcement are bogus. "They have so many tools available to them today that this cry "we're going dark" is hollow, he said.

Janke, whose company makes communications security products that are used by the government and private sector firms alike, said that the claim, originally made by senior officials at the FBI in May, 2012 ( came close on the heels of a visit by senior FBI staff to discuss Silent Circle's technology.

The FBI wants Congress to adopt legislation that requires social-networking Web sites and providers of VoIP, instant messaging, and Web e-mail alter their code to ensure their products are wiretap-friendly. But Janke said that even if law enforcement officials can't decrypt communications protected by Silent Circle's technology, law enforcement can easily get a subpoena to collect reams of meta data from your phone (as we now know the NSA did with its PRISM program). Finally, for high value targets, the government has zero day exploits that will give them the access they need, he said.

Check out the full (podcast) interview over at The Security Ledger.

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FBI Says Encryption Is Blinding Them. Don't Believe Them, Says Silent Circle CEO

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