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Submission + - Apple plans giant solar array in Nevada for Reno data centre ( 1

DW100 writes: Apple's commitment to green energy for its huge data centre demands has seen the firm promise to build a huge new solar array in the Nevada desert, likely to cost billions of dollars. Greenpeace has welcomed the move, and used it to take a pot shot at Microsoft and Amazon for their insistence on using dirty energy methods that pollute the planet. "In the race for a clean internet, Apple is leaving both of those companies in the dust," Greenpeace said.
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Apple plans giant solar array in Nevada for Reno data centre

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  • FWIW - Nevada has the most installed solar capacity per capita. That's partly because the population is relatively low, but mostly because they only give solar tax breaks to megacorp sized installtions like this one. If you are a homeowner and want some of those solar tax breaks for a grid-tied installation on your roof - tough titties - only 70 homeowners per year are allowed in. []

    This installation isn't about being green, its about capturing a tax subsidy for Apple's operational costs.

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