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Submission + - Want To Kick Cocaine? Try Ritalin! ( 5

An anonymous reader writes: The International Science Times reports on a New York study that took 18 cocaine addicts, gave half of them Ritalin and half of them placebos, and hey presto:

"They found that a single dose of methylphenidate normalized the brain pathways, increasing and reducing some of the neural activity between different networks of brain regions. ... [they] theorized methylphenidate may have boosted the brain's control over the automatic, impaired responses that may lead a user to compulsively seek a drug."

Wonder if that means that all those college kids using methylphenidate for study boosting are keeping their weekend habits from becoming regular using it. Better living through chemistry, indeed.

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Want To Kick Cocaine? Try Ritalin!

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  • because we all know the benefits of being addicted to amphetamines, don't we? Oh, we don't? I take it this means that no-one but me knows why "hyper-active" children are prescribed this stimulant.

    Put it this way, the other kids took great pleasure in making me bleed (discreetly, quietly - a pencil in the hand, perhaps?) and laughing as I kick off and demand justice, only to be thrown out of class (again).

    • I'm pretty clueless about both drugs, since the only legal drugs I take are caffeine and tiny amounts of alcohol.
      But I never heart of Ritalin addiction, while Cocaine addiction is almost a given.
      If we can find a reliable path to get people off heavy drugs, even if it involves much lighter drugs that are non addictive / far less addictive, than it's all good.
      I'm sorry to hear about your trouble taking Ritalin as a kid, but I think you can't compare your case with a Cocaine addict.

      • You missed the mark a few times.

        Amphetamine is in the same Class ("A") as Cocaine because it's highly addictive.itself, therefore using it get off heroin is a mistake.

        Second, I didn't take Ritalin as a kid - I'd rather be the person I am now, having been through what I did and grown strong and proud as a result. Ritalin (speed) literally numbs your emotions - which is why it's used as a "solution" for situations like the one above. Except, it's not. Solving systemic problems like bullying in schools and act

        • by nxtw ( 866177 )

          Ritalin (speed) literally numbs your emotions - which is why it's used as a "solution" for situations like the one above.

          Ritalin is methylphenidate, not amphetamine (speed).

          Ritalin (speed) literally numbs your emotions

          What is the scientific basis for this claim?

          Methylphenidate and other dopaminergic stimulants can reduce hyperactivity for those with a genetic variant that affects the dopamine D4 receptor. Since D4 is also linked to emotional processing, this could explain a subjective reduction in emotions

          • Fair points, and well argued, indeed.

            Ritalin being speed - your post, followed by Wikipedia, just trumped all the people I ever met who were on Ritalin and told me it was chemically equivalent to amphetamine. I stand corrected.

            Scientific basis - again, you are correct to ask, and again, only personal experience of both illegal speed users and their families, and people and their families of those taking Ritalin.

            Thank you. Accepting that one has been misinformed or that one's statement does not constitute pr

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