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Submission + - FTC Seeking to Regulate Big Data (threatpost.com)

Gunkerty Jeb writes: Big data is big. So big in fact, Science Daily claimed in May that 90 percent of all the world’s data have been generated in the last two years. In early 2012, the New York Times’ Steve Lohr reported that the total amount of data in the entire world would double every two years from that point on. Much of these data are personal information. The same personal information that we now know the National Security Administration routinely and baselessly collects as part of its PRISM program. The same personal information that data brokers and other companies buy and sell and analyze with no little or no consent to consumers as part of an increasingly lucrative and largely unregulated industry.

These were among the facts highlighted in a keynote speech at the 23rd Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference in which Julie Brill, Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission, made the argument that the very people to whom this personal information supposedly belongs have very little control over it. She proposes a plan called “Reclaim Your Name” under which the big data brokers – Acxiom premiere among them – should exist under conditions and scrutiny similar to those imposed upon the big credit firms – Equifax, Experian, and Transunion – by the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970 (FCRA).

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FTC Seeking to Regulate Big Data

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