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Submission + - Carberp Trojan Source Code Leaked

Trailrunner7 writes: The source code for the Carberp Trojan, which typically sells for $40,000 on the underground, has been leaked and is now available to anyone who wants it. The leak has echoes of the release of the Zeus crimeware source code a couple of years ago and has security researchers concerned that it may lead to a similar crop of new Trojans and crimeware kits.

The Carberp source code appeared online last week, but researchers quickly discovered that the compressed archive containing the source code was password protected. But then on Monday the password was published as well, giving researchers–and anyone else who could find it–access to the source code. For much of its life, Carberp was a private crimeware kit used by a crew in Russia. Several members of the alleged crew were arrested in Russia in 2012 and several months later a commercial version of the Carberp Trojan appeared on the market,going for the lofty price of $40,000.
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Carberp Trojan Source Code Leaked

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