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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: recommendations for summer learning?

badlapje writes: I've just done a bit of a career switch and started studying Applied Computer Sciences at 32. First year is done and I find myself with 2,5 months of "free" time. The idea is to spend this plugging some of the major shortcomings of my curriculum (no PHP, MySQL, ...). So far I've learned basic and intermediate Vim and just started with MariaDB. I'm planning on doing a couple more things: learning functional programming techniques (we don't see this in school), learning one or more JavaScript frameworks, and designing a couple of apps to get a feel for how that's done. I'd like some community feedback for these latter objectives: what's a good place/book to start learning functional programming techniques? Which JavaScript frameworks would you recommend (there's a dizzying amount) and why? And where do you think I should start when I want to write a good app (the project is a small app for a school to help students from foreign origin learn what the Dutch word is for a given tool)?

A bit of background: my schooling taught me a bit of theory concerning database design (ERD, relational model, ...), theory concerning object oriented software design, basic Java (our end-project was coding a version of risk in a small team of 4, sadly the database had to be Access) and rudimentary CSS/HTML 5 and JavaScript (we had twice as many hours for Bookkeeping *sigh*). There's other stuff naturally, but that's basically what I'm building on.
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Ask Slashdot: recommendations for summer learning?

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