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Submission + - Self-Serve 3D Gun Printing Kiosks Headed to Gun Shows in the USA (

Sharp Stickman writes: Memetek USA quietly announced the availability of an innovative automated, customized, cloud-based weapons provisioning service, Guns On Demand (GOD). In order to comply with current and impending restrictions on 3D printed guns, the process is simply a hosted service, wherein all content is owned by users whose bear the sole responsibility to compliance with any current or future laws in their jurisdiction. The US Memetek printers have begun production of stand-alone, integrated, 3D printing kiosks whose sole purpose is to print and legally sell AR-15 lower receivers on a reservation and on-demand basis at gun shows in 7 gun-friendly states. Soon, gun show attendees in Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas will be able to dispense custom configured 3D weapons as easy as withdrawing cash from an ATM.
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Self-Serve 3D Gun Printing Kiosks Headed to Gun Shows in the USA

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