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Submission + - A different approach to making alternative fuels practical 1

overmod writes: Browsing on a completely unrelated subject, I came across this New York Times description of Solazyme:
  What I find interesting is the model they've adopted for short-term growth, which I would not have 'seen coming' from a technology oriented toward biofuel production. Leads me to wonder what other nominally-green technologies that would otherwise be slow if not impossible to scale to workable businesses might have 'niche' applications, with high perceived marginal value, that could be used to boost capital, rather than relying on donations, grants, nebulous save-the-planet goodwill, or whatever.
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A different approach to making alternative fuels practical

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  • Nobel prize rewards just one physics and one chemistry individual/group per year.
    If we recognized that we must reward renewable energy research a much as possible, specially applied scientists that converts a beautiful promising theory into a usable mass market product, we should be be handing out 10 prizes for physics + chemistry combined a year, with a focus on applied renewable research.
    Make it so successful applied scientists that make practical contributions to our environment problems get a million US

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