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Submission + - Most Secure Browser in an Age of Surviellance 1

An anonymous reader writes: With the discovery that our own country may be gathering data on our every action and with Google potentially in on the action I am more than a little wary to be using Chrome as my web browser. So I pose a question to the community: is there a "most secure" browser in terms of avoiding personal data collection? Assuming we all know by know how to "safely" browse the internet (don't click on that add offering to free your computer of infections) what can the lay person do have a modicum of protection or at least peace of mind?
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Most Secure Browser in an Age of Surviellance

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  • Can you say you know your computer is secure for a fact? No. Then you must assume that anything you do with it over the Internet is also not secure because for all you know your own computer betrays your every act. Don't try to build your castle on sand. The most basic assumption is the greatest vulnerability and the greatest prize.

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