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Submission + - Microsoft fails to acquire Nokia 1

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: Ars is reporting a failed attempt by Microsoft to acquire Nokia. Ars is also reported that talks are not likely to restartt. I see things a bit differently.

Given Nokia's position Elop's job is very much at risk. Should Elop be fired, the directors will be bringing in someone with a new plan. One which deemphasises the use of WP. This would be a disaster for MS already low market share in the phone arena.

Another aspect is that should Elop get fired, for the first time in history "Someone will have been fired for using Microsoft." A fact that could potentially reverberate very badly in other areas of MS.

For these two reasons, there is severe pressure on MS to acquire Nokia before Elop gets fired.

There is however another aspect to this deal. WIth Nokia's large portfolio, it is very likely that both Apple and Google will complain to antitrust authorities in the EU and the EU anitrust people have not been kind to MS.
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Microsoft fails to acquire Nokia

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  • This is just the excuse for having a good look at Nokia's books to see if it's time to "knife the baby".

    Microsoft already has everything they want from Nokia, and in getting it has ruined Nokia's prospects of getting a buyer because in a "change of control" Microsoft runs off with all the value and the buyer gets nothing useful. This is what it's like when you dance with the devil. But merger talks give legitimacy to opening the books.

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