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Submission + - 802.11ac certification program kicked off by Wi-Fi Alliance (

hypnosec writes: The Wi-Fi Alliance has initiated the certification program for wireless networking devices against the IEEE 802.11ac draft standard. The IEEE would take its own time for ratification of the 802.11ac standard, as it did with the 802.11n standard, and given the work done by the Alliance for ensuring interoperability of networking products even when a standard is undergoing ratification and is yet to be finalized the current development is definitely a positive sign. Final ratification of the 802.11ac standard isn’t expected to happen up until Feb 2014 but, despite this vendors have already started shipping their devices based on the draft standard since August last year but, there is no third party assurance as yet for the customers if these products do work as intended. In its 2007 efforts, the Wi-Fi Alliance certified networking gear based on the draft 802.11n standard but, this time around the certification will not acknowledge the draft status of the 802.11ac and will simply be described as ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac.’
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802.11ac certification program kicked off by Wi-Fi Alliance

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