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Submission + - Google Patents Image-Capturing Walking Sticks 2

theodp writes: GeekWire reports that Google has patented an image-capturing walking stick, which can boldly go where no Google Street View Car can. The walking stick has embedded cameras and location sensors, and a switch at the bottom that causes the device to snap pictures whenever the stick hits the ground. The patent also covers using canes and crutches in a similar fashion.
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Google Patents Image-Capturing Walking Sticks

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  • I forsee 2 problems:-

    1) The camera is embedded into the walking stick, and hence pictures will be taken probably at waist height.

    2) There would need to be some pretty powerful software to compensate for the force of the impact on the base of the stick and all the movement the stick will be undergoing. We swing our hands when we walk. Said stick is attached to our hands.

    • I foresee:

      1) a subscription only service called google "upskirt" view

      2) further to the shock and motion the angle at which the stick is would impact the resulting picture. A sane solution would be to have the stick only take the photo when it is vertical (that is in mid step).

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