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Submission + - Fast and Furious Developer Job Market 2

datavirtue writes: Hello fellow Slashdot'ers. I've just entered the job market (this last month) and have been mostly using with a smattering of CraigsList. I feel like I'm getting attacked! The question I pose is this: How do you deal with getting a job when you already have one? The recruiters literally ring my phone off the hook like a psycho girlfriend and I now spend more time on the phone, answering emails, and in interviews than I do actually working. My paid time off is starting to run out and people are getting suspicious, and I have just started looking! Please help, I need advice.
As a side note, I ran a job posting on CraigsList to get resumes and cover letters from other people looking for similar jobs and all I have gotten is almost a complete failure of applicants to submit cover letters--and the ones who did had a string of developer jobs where they lasted only a year or less. Is this the norm?
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Fast and Furious Developer Job Market

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  • Well now, is where I should put out my resume! I'm glad I read this!

    Editors: If it says on here, we're always gonna be suspicious. Sorry.

    • This is not a slashvertisement. I had one decent contact in the first month but I have now realized this was just luck. I tried CraigsList and had a lot better leads but now Dice has picked back up and I'm getting run to death. Dice is kind-of THE site for IT jobs though. I would love another suggestion for a tech job site if anyone knows of one. Monster is blah compared to Dice, and frankly I don't have the energy to maintain another stream of connections.

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