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Submission + - Rep. Jerrold Nadler Does Not Think the NSA Can Listen to U.S. Phone Calls 1

mozumder writes: Sorry Slashdot, but your faith in your high-school dropout IT support Jesus is undermined once again, as the bombshell story on Rep. Jerrold Nadler was apparently false. Looks like he just misunderstood the initial briefing.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a statement on this as well, saying: "The statement that a single analyst can eavesdrop on domestic communications without proper legal authorization is incorrect and was not briefed to Congress. Members have been briefed on the implementation of Section 702, that it targets foreigners located overseas for a valid foreign intelligence purpose, and that it cannot be used to target Americans anywhere in the world."

It is now time to relearn everything about the NSA programs. Sometimes you actually do need more than a GED to understand systems designs.
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Rep. Jerrold Nadler Does Not Think the NSA Can Listen to U.S. Phone Calls

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  • heney , is back with the rhetoric ..
    ” the National Security Agency-led programs have to remain confidential to keep the information from enemies and that he and other U.S. intelligence officials were concerned about a nuclear attack." .. ok now that Snowden has talked and told us the basics , threats have gone to nuclear , no less ..
    Panic little people .. they want to nuke us ! .. Fool me once shame on you .. Fool me twice , shame on me . Nothing but lies , liars and manipulators trying to keep th

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