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Submission + - Neurofeedback at Home: Is it possible? 1

sker writes: Mind hackers, self-help junkies, even regular people have heard wild promises of the power of neurofeedback — namely the process of watching a visual representation of your own brain's activity to influence what your brain is doing. Folks are using it to cure ADHD, PTSD, or even to supposedly improve mindfulness meditation. Previously the sole domain of costly hospital and research equipment, the necessary EEG equipment is making its way into the home. From newagey Deepak Chopra-endorsed kits to the for-engineers-only OpenEEG project, the options are rapidly getting unwieldy for curious bystanders to make sense of. Have you had experience with EEG or neurofeedback at home? Do you have advice?
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Neurofeedback at Home: Is it possible?

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  • by Static ( 1229 )

    However, only in the most limited of senses. I have a Necomimi, and although it is largely a novelty toy, the brain-wave reading technology is real and works. Trying to control the way the ears move by altering your basic brainwave state is, in fact, a simple form of neuro-feedback.

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