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Submission + - A350XWB, the plane Airbus did not want to build, makes maiden flight (

McGruber writes: The BBC reports that the Airbus A350XWB (extra wide body) has made its first flight.

Like the Boeing 787, the A350 offesr airlines the chance to combine long-range services with improved fuel efficiency. The A350's fuselage is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, while many other parts of the aircraft use titanium and advanced alloys to save weight. It also has state-of-the-art aerodynamics, and engine manufacturer Rolls Royce has produced a new custom-designed power unit.

Airbus claims that all of this means the A350 will use 25% less fuel than the current generation of equivalent aircraft. It also points out that noise and emissions will be well below current limits.

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A350XWB, the plane Airbus did not want to build, makes maiden flight

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