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Submission + - Dell's Haswell-Powered Alienware X51 R2 SFF, A PC Gamer's Console Alternative ( 1

MojoKid writes: Dell recently introduced their Alienware X51 series of small form factor gaming PCs but until now, squeezing in components that were powerful enough for the enthusiast gamer was a significant thermal challenge. Intel's recent Haswell Core processor release, as well as NVIDIA's GeForce 670 series graphics cards have changed the game considerably though. The X51 R2 is shaped similar to to an Xbox 360 Slim, and though it's slightly larger, it would be right at home in a living room setting. Alienware is also bundling Steam Big Picture mode installations with systems as well. Performance-wise, with its latest CPU and GPU upgrades, the system is over twice as fast as the first generation X51, again thanks to Haswell and upgraded NVIDIA GeForce graphics. The console-sized PC is capable of running virtually any current gen DX11 title at full 1920X1080 HD resolution and high image quality settings.
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Dell's Haswell-Powered Alienware X51 R2 SFF, A PC Gamer's Console Alternative

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  • I don't want to have to face the cost of replacing an expensive and otherwise great top-end laptop whenever its graphics chip gets too outdated to play the current premium games, or just because Microsoft have made a new version of DirectX that is (mostly artificially) not-GPU-backward-compatible.

    Furthermore, lets face it even though the fastest gaming laptops cost a massive premium they have never been capable of taking on a top desktop GPU in performance.

    I wish gaming laptop makers would come to their sen

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