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Submission + - FL Man brings and loses gun on Disney ride 2

realsilly writes:


"Floridian Angelo Lista brought his .380 Cobra on the Dinosaur ride at the theme park’s Animal Kingdom attraction, only to have the firearm fall out of his pocket during the bumpy trip. Luckily, the gun — loaded with five hollow point rounds — was found by a grandmother who turned it in to park officials." . . . "Disney World does have a policy against weapons on its property, though Lista — who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon in Florida — complains that the policy should be more obvious." /facepalm

I've been to Disney theme parks, what I'm curious about is why he felt compelled to bring a loaded weapon to Animal Kingdom, much less to any theme park. Was he worried that the Animals would attack him? Augh, I'm so sick of the stupid people migrating to this state.
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FL Man brings and loses gun on Disney ride

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  • If one works for law enforcement, they do need to have their gun with them all the time even when off duty. One does not know when they will run into someone who has a grudge against law enforcement or is a member of a gang or other such organization which recognizes them. On the other hand it was irresponsible that person lost the gun in the first place.
    • It sounds like this guy only had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I don't remember reading in the Orlando Sentinel that the man was a police officer or Law Enforcement. Regardless, if you carry a weapon, you should know how to ask the obvious questions..."May I bring a gun into that estabilshment?"

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